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Drive Systems for Special Vessels

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Feel free to contact us. However, since this can hardly be packed into a 3D overview, we present to you the toughest conditions a propulsion system can be exposed to: Polar ice operations.

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Ice-Class Mastery

Propellers Crafted for the Extremes

Propellers with ice class are made with thicker blades. The materials used in ice class propellers typically have higher strength. Special alloys or treatments might be used to ensure that the material withstands low temperatures without becoming brittle.

This helps to prevent damage when the propeller comes into contact with ice blocks or when the ship has to break through ice. Modified Design: The design of an ice class propeller must differ from a standard propeller. This design often prioritizes robustness and the ability to mill ice over efficiency.

Standard Sealings

Reliably Standard

The area between water and ship should be very well sealed. Especially where the shaft line penetrates the ship’s hull, high rotational movements require special attention. Modern sealing technology relies on lip seals. Here, the gap between the rotating shaft and the static seal is very small, resulting in very low leakage rates. At the same time, the contact surface of the seal is minimized, leading to lower mechanical losses

Premium Sealings

The Defense Against Water Ingress

Premium sealing systems extend the life of maritime components with options such as distance rings for seal repositioning, carbide coatings to reduce wear, an extra oil-repellent lip to prevent leaks. The “Green Seal” offers an air barrier with an Air Control Unit for environmental compliance, while our rope guards, net cutters, wire winders, and sand barriers protect the seal from external damage. The “Premium Sealing” package promises an extended seal system lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and a potential operational duration of up to 20 years under certain conditions.


For Optimized Flow Efficiency

In the wake of every structure, a distinctive flow state known as wake is formed. To optimize the overall efficiency of a ship, it is crucial that the supporting struts— the braces holding the propeller—are designed to enhance rather than disrupt the flow dynamics. Promarin’s innovative ActiveStrut® system adjusts these struts to align favorably with the working propeller’s flow, helping to reduce negative impacts such as vibrations and noise, thereby maximizing efficiency.

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Every single component plays a crucial role in the reliable conversion of the ship's energy. This kind of propulsion necessitates a robust base, which is provided by our comprehensive technological systems. Our portfolio is completed by propellers of unparalleled accuracy.​

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