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Planning & Consulting

The optimum is planable

Operating more securely in times of crisis by lowering operating costs. This is only made possible by consistently optimizing the efficiency of the drive train. We are always happy to be at your side with advice and support in the early phase of a new build or conversion. Do you operate, design, or build ships? We provide you with the information so that you can make the right fundamental decisions. On this solid foundation, our design and construction department can build a system that turns a good ship into an outstanding one. In doing so, we always keep an eye beyond the shipyard sea trial. Furthermore, our optional additional packages can extend the service life and thus significantly minimize maintenance costs and risk of failure.

Remote Maintainance

At lightspeed by your side

In the event of a casualty, one thing prevails at first: uncertainty. Which systems and components are affected? How long will the downtime be, or is it even possible to continue operating? To quickly develop a common solution, our remote maintenance is the ideal service for you. Our experts provide an initial assessment of the current situation. We present solution options to quickly enable you to make a decision. The sooner professional repairs or spare part orders are placed, the faster you are sailing again. You can also benefit from our broad-based spare parts stock: dispatched from the meeting and delivered to the ship via express.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Prediction, optimization & simulation

Flow and hydrodynamics are the core of the Promarin DNA. Development and calculation of computational methods and simulations are part of our profession. Every one of our junior engineers is trained from the ground up in all aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods and optimization tools. The guiding principle is to not just use these tools, but to fully understand and enhance them. This benefits both your projects and our products. All of our products are the outcome of a blend of machine learning, simulation, and high-performance computing. In addition to a top-quality product, your project will require additional data – something easily handled by our 1400-core cluster.

Data Analysis

We raise the wet gold for you: Data

Running a ship optimally is a major challenge. Our data sets help you to get a quick overview of the current state. Our portfolio ranges from measurement data collected during a trial run, through complex time-synchronous analyses, to long-term measurements and continuous monitoring.

In the case of trial runs, performance and vibration measurements are carried out. The analysis of a measurement run provides the basis for quieter and more efficient propulsion. Our measurement technicians come on board quickly and uncomplicatedly record the relevant parameters. Based on the evaluated results, our experienced experts can formulate precise solution proposals. In many cases, these can be implemented directly by our service team.

If the challenges are more complex, we also offer the right solution here. With our networked measurement systems, we can capture and evaluate all important parameters in real-time. This includes pressure pulses, visual and acoustic signals, as well as the position and speed of the ship.

Long-term measurement technology is useful, for example, when determining the battery requirements for a electrification of the propulsion as a retrofit. The advantage of data analysis systems integrated in the ship lies in the identification of effects that occur over a longer period. Here you can recognize when action is required.

Life Cycle Monitoring

Effective until the final rotation

Stay in operation for 20 years and still be efficient? You keep the focus on the cargo; we focus on the propeller. A propeller is sometimes exposed to extreme conditions, which can lead to wear and damage. Even small damages at the leading edge can lead to losses in efficiency. To ensure that the propeller delivers almost consistently good performance throughout its entire life cycle, we offer life cycle monitoring. Here, the propeller is already measured three-dimensionally in the factory and stored in our database. During each repair, the dimensional accuracy of the propeller is continuously checked, restored as best as possible if necessary, and the change documented. This always gives you an overview of the condition of your fleet. On this basis, you can decide when and whether to consider a refit.

3D Scan Retro Fit​

Detailed Digital Twin

Over the years, the requirements for your ship change. It should be fit for the future, but there are no current plans? No problem, we come to the dock to remedy this. We have almost a decade of experience in 3D scanning of propellers, attachments, and even entire ships. With these three-dimensional geometries, we can fit new components into the existing structure and even carry out flow simulations. This means that all changes are first made and simulated virtually. This provides you with metrics to assess the success of the project. As part of our Life Cycle Monitoring Program, you already enjoy the benefits of this technology.

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