System Solutions

Drive Systems for Fisheries

In the biggest storm, keep your mind on the things that matter.

We take care of a propulsion system that functions under maximum stress. Besides efficiency and consideration of the catching method, protection against nets and ropes is a fundamental component in the design for fishing vessels.

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The Optimum in Sharp Focus

When a concept becomes a drawing and glowing bronze turns into a shining masterpiece, our experts have once again created one of the world’s finest products that have captivated the maritime industry since the dawn of the modern era. Thanks to the combination of machine learning and simulation, you have the opportunity to access tomorrow’s propeller technology today.


Designed for Maximum Thrust

While customization to client requirements is standard practice in propeller design, standard nozzles are still prevalent in the industry today. Promarin aims for high efficiency under actual working conditions and has developed a custom nozzle solution based on CFD-based regressions.

Standard Sealings

Reliably Standard

The area between water and ship should be very well sealed. Especially where the shaft line penetrates the ship’s hull, high rotational movements require special attention. Modern sealing technology relies on lip seals. Here, the gap between the rotating shaft and the static seal is very small, resulting in very low leakage rates. At the same time, the contact surface of the seal is minimized, leading to lower mechanical losses

Premium Sealings

The Defense Against Water Ingress

Premium sealing systems extend the life of maritime components with options such as distance rings for seal repositioning, carbide coatings to reduce wear, an extra oil-repellent lip to prevent leaks. The “Green Seal” offers an air barrier with an Air Control Unit for environmental compliance, while our rope guards, net cutters, wire winders, and sand barriers protect the seal from external damage. The “Premium Sealing” package promises an extended seal system lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and a potential operational duration of up to 20 years under certain conditions.


Foundation of Performance

A robust gearbox is far more than just a key component of a reliable propulsion system – it is the centerpiece that defines power transmission, thus significantly influencing the performance and efficiency of the entire vessel. High-quality and precisely manufactured gears are of crucial importance, as they represent outstanding component quality, which is indispensable in efficient, durable, and high-performance gearboxes.

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Every single component plays a crucial role in the reliable conversion of the ship's energy. This kind of propulsion necessitates a robust base, which is provided by our comprehensive technological systems. Our portfolio is completed by propellers of unparalleled accuracy.​

We would be glad to advise you about our offers and the optimization of your drive train. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.